Italian Lakes Wedding Venues:
Maggiore, Garda and Iseo

Venture beyond the well-trodden paths to the tranquil shores of Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, and Lake Iseo, where the essence of Northern Italy’s lake district unfolds in an intimate embrace. Each of these lakes offers a serene backdrop that combines natural beauty with a sense of secluded charm, perfect for couples seeking a more intimate and gathered setting for their special day.

 Far from the bustling glamour of Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Garda, and Iseo provide a picturesque canvas of quiet elegance and understated beauty. These locations promise not just a captivating environment but also a wider selection and greater availability for your celebration, allowing you to choose a venue that truly resonates with your personal taste and vision.

Embrace the unique character and romantic allure of these less explored lakes, where your wedding can unfold amidst the whispering breezes, reflective waters, and the gentle embrace of nature’s beauty. Let the journey to your perfect “I do” begin by the tranquil shores of Italy’s most intimate lakes.



Villa Palazzo Aminta

Villa Rusconi-Clerici

Villa Claudia

Villa Repui

Villa Muggia

Villa Frua


LAKE garda

Villa Bettoni



Castello Oldofredi

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